Here it says that the type of lsp-clients-pylsp-library-directories is (repeat string)

How do I write my dir_locals.el file ?

I tried this but it doesn't work (see here)

((lsp-mode . ((lsp-clients-pylsp-library-directories . '("contrib" "odoo")))))

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(repeat string) is a composite customize type.

In general an easy way to find out is to use M-x customize-option to set a value, and then use C-hv to check the value which was set.

In this specific case:

(repeat element-type)

The value must be a list and each element of the list must fit the type element-type. This appears in the customization buffer as a list of elements, with ‘[INS]’ and ‘[DEL]’ buttons for adding more elements or removing elements.

Hence (repeat string) is a list of strings.

((lsp-mode . ((lsp-clients-pylsp-library-directories . '("contrib" "odoo")))))

Remember that a dir-locals file is implicitly data, not code; so your problem is that quote.

Try this:

((lsp-mode . ((lsp-clients-pylsp-library-directories . ("contrib" "odoo")))))

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