I'm using doom-emacs with Emacs 28. I'm trying to set a file variable in org-mode, and I've seen numerous posts with how to do it, but I can't seem to make it work.

#+TITLE: Test

#+TITLE: Test

* Local variables
# local variables:
# eval: (auto-fill-mode 0)
#  eval: (poly-org-mode 0)
# org-html-xml-declaration: '(("html" . "") ("php" . "")
# end:

After doing M-x describe-variable, org-html-xml-declaration still has its original value.

Why is this? Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong?

Is there a definitive guide for how to set local variables like this?

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You have a syntax error in the value you give for org-html-xml-declaration. If you check the *Messages* buffer, you will probably find one that says “File local-variables error: (end-of-file)”. It is telling you that it was trying to parse the local variables when it encountered an end-of-file error. You forgot a closing parenthesis, so it kept looking for it until it got to the end of the file.

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