I am using Spacemacs and I am getting this error in HELM when I am trying to go in the Documents folder via HELM on my MacBook Air M1 computer:

@@@@file-error: Opening directory permission denied `/Users/myname/Documents/'

I can open the file via the top bar menu File > Open File ...

But not via HELM.

I have tried this fix:


but it's not working.

One thing though, I can't see only this:

enter image description here

but not this:

enter image description here

So, perhaps this is an issue?

Any idea how to make the HELM work in Documents folder?


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Make sure you give Emacs the permissions to access Folders you want. For convenient, I usually give Emacs Full Disk Access. However, sometimes authorization window do not know why can not pop up, you can reset first

tccutil reset All org.gnu.Emacs

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