My org file consists of mainly images. The exported latex is ~60MB. Currently I'm using a subsequent ghostcript shell script to shrink the pdf's filesize to ~6MB. Does emacs offer some hidden superpower to achieve a similar result after exporting e.g. org exported pdf hook[0] ?

[0] pseudocode

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Let's say your shell script is called pdf-compact and is invoked with the name of the PDF file:

pdf-compact myfile.pdf

It may replace myfile.pdf with a new version (maybe saving the original for safety until you are satisfied that it is safe), or it may produce a new file, say myfile-C.pdf (C for compact).

You can modify the org-latex-pdf-process variable like this:

(add to-list 'org-latex-pdf-process "pdf-compact %b.pdf" t)

The last argument t says to add the new element at the end of the list org-latex-pdf-process. The %b is replaced by the file base name (e.g myfile in the example above).

See the doc string of org-latex-pdf-process (C-h v org-latex-pdf-process) for other replacement values that are triggered by a %b-like mechanism.


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