I am pretty new to emacs so please excuse the rookie question.

So I am editing a helm chart template, and have enabled yaml-mode since most of helm uses yaml.

but I wanted to add some highlighting to the helm specific parts.

so for example

  name: {{.name}}

I wanted {{.name}} to be highlighted which was easy enough

(add-hook 'yaml-mode-hook '(lambda ()
  (highlight-regexp "{{[^-].*?}}" font-lock-constant-face)

but I am having issues with the if statements. for example

{{- if .configMap }}
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap

I want the if part to be highlighted, but nothing else. in other words, highlight if, don't highlight .configMap

I thought it should be possible with a positive lookbehind, but sounded like that is not possible with an Emacs Lisp regexp.

How can I highlight only the if part?

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I think (regexp-opt '("if") 'words) will generate a regexp that does what you want.

(Node Regexp Functions of the Emacs manual documents functions that help you generate regexps.)

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