Let's say you have a repeated task with subtasks using checkboxes like:

  * TODO [2/2] Task
    DEADLINE: <2021-09-07 ++1y>
   + [x] done
   + [x] also done

When I mark the Task as DONE? I'd like the chekboxes to be unchecked as the DEADLINE is incremented one year and the TODO State switches back to TODO.

I couldn't find a variable for that.

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There is org-todo-repeat-hook which is run when an item is repeated, so you can add a function that clears the checkboxes to it. Org mode offers such a function for a subtree, org-reset-checkbox-state-subtree, which should work fine for the simple case of a one-level subtree:

(add-hook 'org-todo-repeat-hook #'org-reset-checkbox-state-subtree)

If this is too blunt an instrument (it will reset any task's checkboxes in any level of the subtree whenever the task is repeated), then you can wrap the org-reset-checkbox-state-subtree in a function that conditionally calls it, e.g. by checking that the task is the one you want. But as a first approximation it should work fine.

BTW, untested.


Just found out that there is org-checklist which takes care of clearing the checkboxes, using the RESET_CHECK_BOXES property.

org-checklist used to be in the contrib/ directory that was bundled with Org mode, but all of the contrib/ stuff has now been moved to its own separate repo.

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