I'm using a minor mode for my key bindings. But I want to set the documentation string dynamically. Instead of:

    (define-minor-mode mesys-mode

I want something like this:

    (define-minor-mode mesys-mode

How to do that? I'm still a newbie to Elisp and macros in Elisp. I experimented with (concat "This" " and that"), yes, it seems to expand without error but no description is shown only 'Not documented', if I use (describe-mode "mesys-mode") I think there is a problem with expansion....

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The syntax of constructs like defun and define-minor-mode requires that a string literal is used.

If you want to generate the doc string programmatically, you can use (at least) two methods:

  • Create an data structure that corresponds to the call to define-minor-mode, with the resulting docstring in place. Then apply eval to it. Something like:

    (eval `(define-minor-mode mesys-mode ,my-document-string ...))
  • Define it using a dummy docstring and set the function-documentation documentation of the minor mode symbol.

Unfortunately, I think it's hard to get either variant working properly with autoload:s.

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