I'm using spacemacs with vim-bindings, but I only mention it so you don't scratch your head too long at the keystrokes of the macro. A regular emacs solution will work just the same.

I've read through the naming and saving section of the manual. This is nice but it's a lot of steps and the output is verbose and unpleasing to the eye:

(fset 'insert-code-block
   (kmacro-lambda-form [?o ?\{ return ?\} escape ?O escape] 0 "%d"))

I've also read this post with similar naming.

I would like to use something like kbd syntax:

(kbd "o { RET } <escape> O")

For reference, this was the keychord binding I used with regular emacs:

(key-chord-define-global "xb" (kbd "RET { RET RET } C-p TAB"))

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Turns out you can just use the kbd function:

(fset 'insert-code-block
   (kbd "o { RET } <escape> O"))
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