I would like to use orgmode for preparing exam questions. For tex-template I am using tikz which includes some text entries e.g. for the title and subtitle.

The tex part for tikz looks e.g. like:

\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
\tikzset{every node}=[font=\sffamily\upshape]
\draw(9.0,-0.19)rectangle(13,0.51)node[midway,left,black]{Blatt:\thepage / \pageref{LastPage} };

The string TIKZ_MODULE, TIKZ_SUBMODULE and TIKZ_SHORT_NAME should be replaced by the corresponding orgmode entries, see below:

#+TITLE: title
#+SUBTITLE: subtitle
#+AUTHOR:  author
#+DATE: Sept 2021
#+INSTITUTE: department
#+TIKZ_MODULE: module
#+TIKZ_SUBMODULE: submodule
#+TIKZ_SHORT_NAME: short_name

Do you have a hint how this can be done?

It is also possible that the I use the TITLE and SUBTITLE for the TIKZ_MODULE and TIKZ_SUBMODULE, but I am not sure, if this is easier.

Actually I am sure, that this is already described somewhere, but I do not know which words describe my question for searching.


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It might be easier to use a library of babel like approach. Here I setup a src block named tikz in a section that is not exported. You could put this in another file, and load it via library of babel (see org-babel-lob-ingest.

Then this line #+call: tikz[:eval t]() inserts that text at export time, or you can execute it and see it when writing the document.

#+TIKZ_MODULE: module
#+TIKZ_SUBMODULE: submodule
#+TIKZ_SHORT_NAME: short_name

#+call: tikz[:eval t]()

* lob                                                              :noexport:

#+name: tikz
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :results latex
(let ((kws (org-collect-keywords '("TIKZ_MODULE"
  (format "\\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
\\tikzset{every node}=[font=\\sffamily\\upshape]
\\draw(9.0,-0.19)rectangle(13,0.51)node[midway,left,black]{Blatt:\\thepage / \\pageref{LastPage} };
      (cadr (assoc "TIKZ_MODULE" kws))
      (cadr (assoc "TIKZ_SUBMODULE" kws))
      (cadr (assoc "TIKZ_SHORT_NAME" kws))))

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