I want to emulate VS Code's Ctrl-tab cycling with consult/vertico which would look like this:

  1. Press C-<tab> (and holding C) to open consult-buffer which auto-selects the previous buffer.
  2. Pressing <tab> after that (holding C) moves down the buffer list.
  3. Pressing S-<tab> after that (still holding C) moves up the buffer list.
  4. Releasing C opens the selected buffer.

I've accomplished 1-3 but cannot figure out how to make consult (or vertico) select the currently highlighted entry when releasing C, any ideas?

;; This is a doom emacs macro which is basically a wrapper around vertico-buffer
(map! :nvig "C-<tab>" #'+vertico/switch-workspace-buffer)
    :map vertico-map
    "C-<tab>" #'vertico-next
    "C-S-<tab>" #'vertico-previous)


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