Tried following this answer, but did not work on Emacs27

(defadvice ido-find-file (before auto-refresh-ido nil activate)
(setq ido-rescan t))

Also tried but did not work because when ido-reread-directory is triggered ido mode is not active.

(advice-add 'ido-find-file :before ido-reread-directory)

Is there a way to force ido-find-file always trigger C-l (ido-reread-directory)? I mostly need this in tramp mode because files/folders do not update timestamp.

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Due to the way Ido is structured, this is going to be very hard (if not impossible) to accomplish by advising ido-find-file or related functions.

What you should do instead is set ido-max-dir-file-cache to 0.

  • It mostly works, there is a delay for cache to update file's existence.
    – phoxd
    Mar 18, 2022 at 17:23

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