I'm using magit. When I try to pull or commit, I get this message in the mini-buffer:

Cannot invoke transient magit-pull while minibuffer is active

I can assure you, I have closed every magit-related buffer. There is no magit process at all, no hidden buffers.

When I C-x g to start magit back up, I see this error. How can I identify and stop whatever process is blocking me from using magit?

I can use git pull, git commit etc., fine in other shells outside of emacs.

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Speaking more general, more often than necessary I find myself in the minibuffer and pressing Ctrl-g does not end the minibuffer input session. By running Alt-X apropos-command (aka Ctrl-h a) with 'minibuffer' as search term, I know found the command exit-minibuffer, which resolves the situation of not being able to apply a magit command.

  • exit-minibuffer worked for me. thanks! Commented Nov 15, 2023 at 23:21

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