I have the following code that counts the number of opening and closing braces, but getting the error

and: Wrong type argument: stringp, 40

Here is the code:

    (defcustom rk-bracemk '("()" "[]" "{}" "<>")
      "Two-character strings of open and close delimiters."
      :type '(repeat string)
      :group 'convenience)
    (defun rk-bracemk-count (brcmarks reg-beg reg-end)
      "Count brace marks within a region.
    BRCMARKS  String defining opening and closing brace marks.
    REG-BEG   Marker defining start of region.
    REG-END   Marker defining end of region.
          M-x rk-bracemk-count"
        (completing-read "Bracemarks: " rk-bracemk nil t)
        (let* ( (begmk (aref brcmarks 0))
            (endmk (aref brcmarks 1))
                (a 0) (b 0) )
          (goto-char reg-beg)
          (while (and (< (point) reg-end)
                      (search-forward begmk reg-end t))
            (cl-incf a))
          (goto-char reg-beg)
          (while (and (< (point) reg-end)
                      (search-forward endmk reg-end t))
            (cl-incf b))
          (message "Markers: %c %c" begmk endmk)
          (message "Counts %d %d" a b)
          (goto-char reg-beg)) ))

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It seems pretty clear -- you're passing the number 40 to something that requires a string. Use the debugger to see where that's happening:

M-x toggle-debug-on-error

Perhaps you think aref on a string will return a string? It returns a character (which is an integer). 40 is (. You probably want char-to-string.

  • Yes, the problem is that OP is passing the char ?\( (40) as the first arg to search-forward, and that arg needs to be a string.
    – Drew
    Mar 20, 2022 at 5:24
  • Done as suggested, solving the problem (p (aref brcmarks 0)) (q (aref brcmarks 1)) (begmk (char-to-string p)) (endmk (char-to-string q))
    – Dilna
    Mar 20, 2022 at 11:30

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