UPDATE: I just tested emacs -nw with the MSYS2 terminal (Windows) and with iTerm (macOS) and they all have the same problem.

emacs -nw on WSL2 with the Windows Terminal has many known issues with key-bindings.

I've been able to find solutions for C-w, C-v, which were the first to get in my way. The fix was easy, delete Actions associated with those key-bindings from Windows Terminal.

Now I'm having problems with the following combos:

  • M-S-RET
    • windows: <M-S-return> org-insert-todo-heading
    • wsl: M-RET org-meta-return
  • C-S-RET
    • windows: <C-S-return> org-insert-todo-heading-respect-content
    • wsl: RET org-return
  • C-RET
    • windows: <C-return> org-insert-heading-respect-content
    • wsl: C-j org-return-indent

It seems Windows Terminal is not correctly sending M-S and C-S commands to Emacs but there are no Actions that I can remove to fix them.


  • windows: Emacs running natively on Windows
  • wsl: Emacs running on WSL2 using Windows Terminal (no X server, i.e. emacs -nw)

I'm using command-log-mode to get what Emacs thinks the command is.

  • I've been using Cygwin's emacs-w32 for a while and it works rather fine if you launch it from a proper cygwin shell. If you're going that far, I'm sure emacs-nox works fine from MinTTY.
    – rat
    Commented Aug 23, 2022 at 23:59


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