I am constructing a sprint board using a custom agenda view using org-super-agenda. It works really quite well with a couple exceptions, namely:

  1. Dates: I want to use variables (or constants) for the sprint start and end dates, defined "somewhere else", that will get used in the org-agenda-custom-command block to limit the scope of the view to within those dates, and
  2. DONE tasks: I want any tasks DONE in the sprint period to show up in the DONE block. Right now, they only show up for DONE tasks that have a SCHEDULED date of today.

How might this be accomplished? I can post my code if that is useful.

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I found something which does almost exactly what I want, albeit not as an agenda command. The code that does it:

(org-ql-search (org-agenda-files)
  '(ts-active :from "2022-04-25" :to "2022-05-08")
  :title "Sprint Period"
  :sort '(priority date)
  :super-groups '((:log t)
           (:name "Schedule" :time-grid t)
           (:name "Today" :scheduled today)
           (:name "DOING" :todo
           (:name "TODO" :todo
           (:name "DONE" :todo
           (:name "PROJ" :todo

I run this search and it generates what I want. The search is not persistent across Emacs sessions, I solved that by running org-store-link in the search result buffer, and then pasting that link into the body of a daily task. Clicking on that link regenerates the search result view. Also, I can edit the link once every two weeks to enter the dates for a new sprint.

Still interested in a way to do this with a agenda custom command, meaning less typing and clicking. Everything I read indicates that org-agenda will only show DONE tasks if the current day matches either the date closed or the date scheduled.

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