I sometime use visible-mode to show hidden elements in buffers. For example, I have org-hide-emphasis-markersset to t, but I sometimes want to see them. This works very well with visible-mode, however the face used for the markers is then the default face. I would like to show all normally invisible text with a special face. At the moment I can only think of utilizing the text property invisible in some way, but this would require a function scanning the text and updating on changes... Is there some package available which can fontify text properties?

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I found that the highlight package can do this, e.g. with (hlt-highlight-all-prop 'invisible).

hlt-highlight-all-prop is an interactive Lisp function in highlight.el.

It is bound to C-x X h p.

(hlt-highlight-all-prop PROPERTY &optional START END FACE MSGP MOUSEP)

Highlight all text that has PROPERTY (any value), using FACE.

Highlight using only overlays. Args are the same as for hlt-highlight-property-with-value.

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