Is there a way to list definitions for a package? (functions, macros, variables for e.g.).

Once a package is loaded, is there a way to retrieve a list of what it defined?

So for example: (list-symbols-for-package 'subr) would return a list including ('declare-function 'lambda 'setq-local ...) and many others.

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Emacs keeps track of where each symbol is defined in load-history. This is an association list from file paths to the list of symbols defined in each path, with annotations indicating whether the symbol is a variable, a function, etc. The function file-loadhist-lookup returns the load-history entry for a given file, e.g. (file-loadhist-lookup "subr"). This is an internal function of the loadhist module, not autoloaded, so you need to (require 'loadhist) first.

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