I'm new to evil mode in emacs. I want to know how to backspace from a line and bring the cursor to the line above.

For example:

Mary had a little lamb, 
    little lamb

I want to bring the second little lamb to the first line and make the text like this Mary had a little lamb, little lamb

What I'm doing right now is to use v [visual mode] and j to the line below and move the beginning of the second line and press x.

Is there a simpler or correct way to do this? In emacs I'd just use the backspace to bring the lower line to the top.

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You could use jJ to go one line up and join the two lines together.

  • Thanks for the answer. [[vim.rtorr.com/]](Cheatsheet) has the answer I was looking for. I searched with backspace in mind rather than thinking in terms of "joining lines"
    – Prasanna
    May 17, 2022 at 6:23

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