I am trying to set up my own system for a personal wiki using my org-mode files. I currently have my notes organized into directories for different classes/topics that are all contained in a single parent directory. For example, I might have the following directory structure:


I am planning on exporting all the files in these directories to html and making them all accessible through a table of contents. I am trying to design the table of contents page so it contains links to the table of contents page for each contained directory (each topic). So for the file structure given above, the table of contents would look like (and each heading would have a link to the ToC html file for the respective topic),





How can I create this main ToC? I am having trouble writing the elements of the main directory to a file and adding the links to them using Emacs lisp.

Is there any package or built-in functionality in Emacs that lets me get an organizational structure similar to this?

  • See the Publishing chapter in the Org mode manual.
    – NickD
    May 22 at 11:06


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