When I'm editing an Org file using Doom Emacs in insert mode and my cursor is on the line of a heading, the Tab key seems to demote the heading while Shift-Tab seems to promote the heading. On the other hand, in my personal config the Tab key in insert mode on a heading line seems to have behavior that is context dependent. For instance, if I have a single heading and nothing else in my org document the tab key seems to do nothing in insert mode. On the other hand, if I have multiple headings the tab key seems to cycle through several different heading levels, from one deeper than my previous deepest level, all the way up to the outermost level.

In both my personal config and my Doom config, tab seems to be bound to org-cycle in insert mode. The values for the variables org-cycle-level-after-item/entry-creation and org-cycle-emulate-tab are identical for both my personal session and my doom session. I don't really understand how to dig deeper into what might be causing this discrepancy in behavior between the two different sessions of Emacs. I really like Doom's tab behavior, and would like to replicate it in my personal config. If anyone has any ideas on how I should go about understanding this better and achieving my desired config I'd appreciate it.


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