When calling ido-find-file it's possible to type ~/ to replace the current working directory with your home directory automatically:

Find file: /etc/{...} # after typing ~/ becomes:
Find file: ~/{...}

How can I replicate this but for a custom directory such as user-emacs-directory and when pressing a key instead of inserting text in the minibuffer? For example:

Find file: /var/log/{...} # after pressing F6 becomes:
Find file: ~/.emacs.d/{...}

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I was just about to make a blog post about this (I'll do it later anyway):

(defun oleh-ido-setup-hook ()
  (define-key ido-file-dir-completion-map "~"
    (lambda ()
      (ido-set-current-directory "~/")
      (setq ido-exit 'refresh)

(add-hook 'ido-setup-hook 'oleh-ido-setup-hook)

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