While using eldoc, it constantly updates the minibuffer with the symbol on point. I like it, but would like the displayed lines to be lesser, as it covers a lot of my window.

I tried putting the following in my ~/.emacs file:

    lsp-signature-auto-activate t
    lsp-signature-doc-lines 1)

(setq eglot-ignored-server-capabilites '(:documentHighlightProvider))

from here I tried a lot of other commands like :

(setq lsp-signature-auto-activate nil)

they did nothing.

I want to keep eldoc running. Just either stop using the minibuffer or use less of it.

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I solved using this:

(setq eldoc-echo-area-use-multiline-p nil)
(setq max-mini-window-height 3)

Solved using this. It sets the max height the minibuffer can grow upto.

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