I'd like to tidy my current workflow practice on org-mode. Each day I check out my org-mode agenda which lists appointments Then I jot down/write a time boxed plan which can then merge with the org-mode agenda which is tidy but not editable.

I should of course just progress my plans for today but am distracted by the possibility that I could write tidier time boxed plans if I could toggle the date-time format in a sub-heading.

How can I display this

  • <2022/06/01> Linear Plan
    • <2022/06/01 10:00> Dev org-mode time format
    • <2022/06/01 11:00> Dev design 1
    • <2022/06/01 12:00> Leave for appointment

as this?

  • <2022/06/01> Linear Plan
    • <10:00> Dev org-mode time format
    • <11:00> Dev design 1
    • <12:00> Leave for appointment

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The simple answer is that you can't do this, because org-mode requires this specific date/time format and does not support nesting in this way.

But you might want to have a look at 8.2.2 Custom time format. This would allow you to toggle the display of a custom time format -- but the underlying data still has to be in the required format.

  • However, a custom time format is an all-or-nothing deal: you cannot set different custom time formats for different parts of your file (AFAIK).
    – NickD
    Jun 1, 2022 at 18:47
  • Right, it changes the display of all dates. Jun 1, 2022 at 21:54

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