I've been trying to use org-mode over a year and still get stuck on seemingly simple questions.

When I search/navigate jump and type in text after C-c C-j I can RET and C-g but cannot [Up]/[Down] or [/]. Why and how?

What do the square bracket mean in the context help? Is it me? Where best to find help myself on these issues?

Context help from C-c C-j:

Browse buffer copy, to find location or copy text.  Just type for auto-isearch.
RET=jump to location             C-g=quit and return to previous location
[Up]/[Down]=next/prev headline   TAB=cycle visibility   [/] org-occur
  • You should learn to use the Emacs Help system: do C-h ? and start exploring. In this case, if you do C-h c C-c C-j (that is, find the binding of the key C-c C-j, i.e. the function that is called), you will find out that C-c C-j ends up calling the function org-goto. You can then ask for help on that function with C-h f org-goto and read its documentation string. And you can also read the Org mode manual inside Emacs: C-h i org mode and then search in the manual by using its index with i org-goto. Both of these sources of information (the doc string and the manual) should help.
    – NickD
    Jun 2 at 13:22
  • The up and down arrow keys work as described for me following C-c C-j in an Org buffer. Jun 2 at 19:12


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