the main question is in the title


  • if it is impossible, why? Can we solve the problem?
  • if it is possible, how?

I made some tests by adding directly a folder in the attachment folder, then I inserted a link towards this folder thanks to [[Attachment:nameofdirectory/][descriptionhere]]. This link works, but why the functionality to add a folder is not available ?

Thanks in advance

  • If you use the move or symlink mtehod, you should be able to attach a directory (always subject to the underlying permissions). copy does not work because the underlying implementation uses copy-file which cannot copy a directory; link does not work because of hardlink limitations.
    – NickD
    Jun 4 at 1:14
  • Thanks for your answer. A symlink is not why I search (if it's possible), ans the "move" method don't work too, I have this error : "org-attach-attach : File already exists: /home/name/whereIsTheHealine/data/XX/XXXX-...-XXX". Possible to change the fonction with the method "copy" (to call, for exemple "copy-directory")
    – Cletip
    Jun 5 at 19:57
  • Edit : same error with symlink. Version of org mode (maybe the problem) : 9.5.3. Emacs 27.1
    – Cletip
    Jun 5 at 20:47


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