I'm missing an option variable similar to vc-directory-exclusion-list that holds of a list of auto-generated directory names that contain temporary files that are typically but not exlusively created by build tools.

For instance the D official build tool dub creates a directory .dub storing generated code and binary artifacts.

I could add .dub to the vc-directory-exclusion-list for now but I have the feeling I might run into trouble doing so.

Two named contenders of such a variable could be either

  • temporary-directory-exclusion-list or
  • generated-directory-exclusion-list


Alternatively project.el could be extended with a variable similar to


but I'm not sure this feature should be restricted to projects only.

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If you're talking about project.el and its built-in VC-based backend, have you tried customizing project-vc-ignores?

You can change its global value, or you can put different (per-project) values inside corresponding .dir-locals.el files.

And if you wanted to see it affect non-project related commands, you could try to give more examples of such.

Also see grep-find-ignored-directories and its definition.

  • I was primarily interested in a setting that affected non-project/vc logic aswell. And I think generalizing vc-directory-exclusion-list is the right solution there. But this solves my issue right now, thanks.
    – Nordlöw
    Jun 14, 2022 at 9:26

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