Currently when I need to remove a property drawer under an entry:

  • I have move to either the beginning (:PROPERTIES) or the end (:END:)
  • Then press Tab to fold (hide) the drawer.
  • And finally delete the line, which has the effect of deleting the whole folded drawer.

These 3 steps operation can be cumbersome sometimes and I'd like to be able to remove a whole properties drawer in one key binding, with the point starting anywhere inside.

Looking at the doc and provided functions in Org-mode, I can't find such a function. I searched for a combination of terms like org delete, org remove, org drawer… without success.

I did found related functions like : org-insert-drawer or org-remove-empty-drawer-at, but not the one I need.

Am I missing something obvious? Which pieces are needed to design my own? Thanks.

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You could use the org-element-api to create a custom interactive function (command) for this, e.g.:

(defun my-kill-drawer ()
  (let ((element (org-element-context)))
    (unless (eq (car element) 'drawer)
      (setq element (org-element-property :parent element)))
    (kill-region (org-element-property :begin element)
                 (org-element-property :end element))))
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    @NickD Thanks, you are right, it's a remnant of the 'design process'. I have removed it from the answer... Commented Jun 9, 2022 at 9:17

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