Is it possible to have org mode footnotes both at the end of the page and a listing of all footnotes at the end of the document?

With #+LATEX_HEADER: \renewcommand{\footnote}{\endnote} you can create a listing of all footnotes of the document, but you don't have the footnotes in the actual page anymore.

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You can try this:

#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage{endnotes}

#+LATEX_HEADER: \let\ofootnote=\footnote
#+LATEX_HEADER: \renewcommand{\footnote}[1]{\ofootnote{#1}\endnote{#1}}

This remembers the original \footnote definition under a different name and then redefines \footnote to do both the (old) \footnote action and the \endnote action.

I've tested this with a couple of simple footnotes in text and it seems to work. I cannot guarantee that it works in all cases however: footnotes can be somewhat complicated.

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