Motivated by the question Symbol’s function definition is void: org-pdfview-open, pdf-tools are not working I would like to be able to open pdf-links in org-mode, which worked fine until a while ago. So far we figured out, that I should use org-pdftools-open instead of org-pdfview-open.

When I try to use (add-to-list 'org-file-apps '("\\.pdf\\'" . org-pdftools-open)) I get an error message: user-error: Please see Org News for version 9.0 about ‘org-file-apps’--Lisp error: org-pdftools-open. My question now simply is - how I can get org-pdftools-open to work to open pdf links? Just viewing the pdfs works fine however, only opening them via links produces an error.


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