I'm trying to setup a :post process on a rust code block. For example:

#+begin_src rust :post padder(data=*this*)

It works fine when I run other languages, but not with rust.

The behavior I'm seeing is that when I evaluate the code block there is a flash of a string like cargoHWNW that does have the post processing applied. But, that gets overwritten when the results from the rust code complete. And that output does not have the post process applied.

I've tried adding different combination of :results output and :wrap example but they all exhibit the same behavior.

I'm using rust-mode and rustic in Spacemacs. The rustic docs say it's async in org mode. I'm guessing this is part of the problem but don't know enough of what I'm looking at in the source code to be sure.

Is there a way to apply :post style post-processing to a rust code block?


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