I keep my emacs init file under version control. See the GitHub.

I have the things installed from ELPA also unver version control. Which is annoying. After executing Magit status, I have:

Head:     main TAB auto-complete in CIDER! Beyond just indeting
Merge:    origin/main TAB auto-complete in CIDER! Beyond just indeting
Tag:      emamcs-from-scratch-4-fechado (134)

Untracked files (37)

I want to ignore them. Thus, I do i (Ignore). After pressing i, Magit askes me if I would like to share at toplevel, at subdirectory, or privately.

I tried reading the documentation using ? and reading the manual, but it is still unclear how I should proceed in this case.

What should I do?

enter image description here


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Top-level is the folder at the root of your git repo (probably .emacs.d in yr case).

Choose t to write the ignores to .emacs.d/.gitignore which is probably what you want. But rather than hit i 37 times, it is probably better to put a single line in .emacs.d/.gitignore that reads:


This solves the problem of not wanting to see elpa churn once and for all.

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