Is it possible to specify that a defcustom can only take the value of a mode?

More specifically, I've got a variable that's a map from major modes to lists of strings, and I wants users to be able to configure this map. So conceptually I want something like this: (defcustom my-type-map :type '(alist :key-type 'mode :value-type '(repeat string)))

Is this possible, or do I just need to use documentation?

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Since major modes happen to be functions, you can use the function type to allow completion of functions. There is the composite type restricted-sexp which allows you to use a predicate to allow even more specific types, however it wouldn't make much sense to use it since there is no predicate or way to determine whether a function is a major mode (despite the convention of them ending in "-mode" it could very well be a minor mode).

Therefore I'd recommend going for functions and adding a descriptive docstring instead.

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