I'm using emacs 28.1 with Spacemacs and after installing pulsar I'm wondering how to add the pulse functionality on certain events, such as, when going through search matches, scrolling up, down, etc.

For example, I usually switch back and forth by SPC TAB which maps to Last buffer. I found out this ends up being mapped to spacemacs/alternate-buffer so I was able to add it to the pulsar-pulse-function list and worked out nicely.

However, for scrolling, usually I do C-u or C-d which if I'm not mistaken map to evil-scrol-up/down. I have tried adding evil-scroll-up/down to (setq pulsar-pulse-function ...) with no success. scroll-up/down-command are also added by default but seems like this is not what spacemacs triggers when doing C-u or C-d. Note that if I explicitly execute these commands, as M-x evil-scroll-up/down pulsar does show the line pulse.

For searching I use evil-search invoking it with / then typing the search string and moving around matches with n and N, I'd also like to have a pulse when going through search matches, but adding evil-next/previous-match does not work either.

Any ideas?

  • This also happen on my vanilla config. I suspect pulsar doesn't support evil nicely, you can ask the author directly. Jul 1, 2022 at 5:03

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The issue is caused by how evil interprets the evil-scroll-up/down command, see also: https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil/issues/1659 (Prot has looked at it himself). Hopefully the maintainers from evil can help solve the problem.

EDIT: Prot (the creator of pulsar) has now fixed the issue in the newest version: https://protesilaos.com/emacs/pulsar-changelog

Should be working now if you update the pulsar package.

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