I'm trying to upgrade my system-wide installation of flycheck from v31 to v32, but couldn't figure out a way to do it. m-x package-list-packages U x doesn't work, there are no packages to upgrade.

I'm using CentOS 8, should I just delete the package from /usr/share and try to install it from Melpa? dnf doesn't seem to have a flycheck package either.

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  1. Which version of Emacs? Menu Bar -> Help -> About Emacs
  2. Menu Bar -> Options -> Manage Emacs Packages?
  3. You will see a list of Packages. Can you see flycheck in that buffer?
  4. If yes, it is a good idea to do Menu Bar -> Package -> Refresh Package List.
  5. Then go to line that says flycheck, Menu Bar -> Package -> Mark for Install
  6. Then do, Menu Bar -> Package -> Executed Marked Actions.
  7. Restart Emacs.

If you don't see flycheck, then Menu Bar -> Package -> Customize, go to the line that says Package Archives and configure it as below. Note that flycheck is available in MELPA, and you need to have it in your package-archives. Use the Apply and Save Button Then repeat the previous steps. You will see flycheck in list of available packages.

M-x customize-variable RET package-archives RET

  • Ah, turns out I can just install the newer version from packages-list-packages instead of trying to upgrade the system package. So what I did is M-x package-list-packages Enter, search for flycheck theni x and it installed the correct emacs version. Thank you!
    – lol
    Commented Jul 14, 2022 at 18:03

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