I have recently tried to use org-onenote* for uploading some Org Mode notes to MS OneNote. Somehow my e-lisp-fu is not strong enough, I have misunderstood the terse documentation, or I am just too stupid. In any case, I cannot get it to work.

After a while I did manage to guess that GPG has to be installed, but now I am stuck with the following symptoms and hypothesis:

As I execute the command org-onenote-start-authenticate, a Microsoft login dialogue is opened in my browser. If I enter my MS Account credentials, i.e. the same I use in Skype, the login dialogue finishes with a smile. Any subsequent attempts at uploading my org mode notes, however, accomplish nothing.

Now the plot thickens — if I instead try to enter the credentials I normally use when logging in to Office 365 online, the place where my OneNote notes are, the login dialogue claims there is no such account.

I draw the conclusion that org-onenote was created before there was such a thing as Office 365 accounts, that it is simply knocking on the wrong door.

Has anyone out there managed to rectify this problem? When I look at the source code for org-onenote, I quickly realise I am somewhat out of my depth.

* Also available as a melpa package.


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