Magit displays signature information in the magit-revision buffer when visiting a tag, but I can't seem to configure this behaviour when visiting a commit using the default bindings for magit-visit-commit (<Return> or <Space>). I can see the flag for visiting a commit through the magit-diff transient prefix, though, so I know it's possible for this to be configured through magit-diff invocation of magit-visit-commit, but those configurations don't seem to be available from the <Return> invocation. Is there something I can add to my init.el to make this behaviour possible?

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No direct parity with tags

For tags, the signature displayed at the top of the section is different than the one displayed by the configurable flag --show-signature. The tag behavior is driven by magit-insert-revision-tag, which uses git verify-tag under the hood and so is tag specific as you've encountered. It may be that similar support should be added for git verify-commit, but as far as I can see that isn't available! So, no direct solution for commits.

An alternative solution

I don't know the difference between git verify-* and the output given with --show-signature, but if --show-signature provides what you want, then you can change the default diff args for magit-revision-mode to include --show-signature. The following would work:

;; Add --show-signature to diff args for all revision-mode buffers
(put 'magit-revision-mode 'magit-diff-default-arguments
     `("--show-signature" ,@(get 'magit-diff-mode 'magit-diff-default-arguments)))

Some notes on this solution:

  1. This changes the behavior of all magit-revision-mode buffers. I specifically targeted that mode and not magit-diff-mode as it was more of a local change.
  2. On tags, you will two signatures since the signature at the top is generated separately.

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