Customise org-babel source block color such that:

  1. when the block is folded, the #+begin_src line is the default color
  2. when the block is open, the #+begin_src and #+end_src lines are highlighted a different color.

I include many src blocks in my files, which are mostly collapsed, so I would like some highlighting to draw my attention to location of the block that is open.

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What if you call M-x, m, set-background-color, LightYellow? A cheap trick. However, it may be easier, than tracking down those particular faces and custom changing them in an org-mode hook?

Define a key-binding to set-background-color or add to your init.el file?

Try in init.el:

 (add-hook 'org-mode-hook
      (lambda () (if (window-system) (progn (custom-set-faces
          '(org-block-begin-line ((t (:underline "#A7A6AA" :foreground "#008ED1" :background "#EAEAFF" :extend t))))
          '(org-block ((t (:background "#EFF0F1" :extend t))))
          '(org-block-end-line ((t (:overline "#A7A6AA" :foreground "#008ED1" :background "#EAEAFF" :extend t))))
) ))

Like the 2nd answer in this SE post. orgmode - change code block background color

  • I don't know what the 'm' means in M-x m set-background-color LightYellow. If i just use M-x set-background-color LightYellow the entire emacs background changes, not just the background of the lines beginning and ending the block.
    – user615536
    Commented Aug 2, 2022 at 12:11

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