I have several agenda files which have the same filename (but are from different directories). This is because I'm using a uniform template for all my projects, which include, e.g., a $PRJHOME/README.org file.

Currently, when I do C-c a a, this leads to all entries from any of the projects' README.org files to have the "label" README.

How can I set the individual README.org's "label" inside the README.org file? There must be some property to do this, but I couldn't find anything ...

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The "label" that appears in the agenda is actually the category, which is set by CATEGORY property. It defaults to the file name if CATEGORY isn't set. You can set this for the entire file by adding a line #+CATEGORY: MyCategory to the file. Do C-c C-c on that line or close/reopen the file to make it take effect.

This property can also be set on individual entries using org-set-property (C-c C-x p). Unlike most properties, CATEGORY is inherited so setting on one item will also set the category of all that items children.

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