I like the buffer that is opened when type M-x recentf-open-files. I'd love to have it as my starting buffer instead of scratch, but I don't know how.

I've tried adding '(initial-buffer-choice 'recentf-open-files) and '(initial-buffer-choice '(recentf-open-files)) and some other variations of this function call (I don't know elisp) to my init.el following what I've found here but nothing seems to work.

I'm pretty sure this is an easy one, but couldn't put it together yet.

PS: I'm on mac os running emacs 28.1

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Try adding

(setq initial-buffer-choice #'recentf-open-files)

at the end of your init file. If you have a customization file, you probably want to delete any initial-buffer-choice entry or there will a fight.

Untested (I find recentf more a PITA than a help).

EDIT: I removed the (require 'recentf) line, since recentf-mode is autoloaded.

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