When I create a new environment via the \newenvironment-Command, AUCTeX automatically detects it and when I type C-c C-e the new environment is suggested and when I chose it, it asks for the right number of arguments. On the other hand, when I create a new environment via \newtcbtheorem this does not happen. How can I make AUCTeX also detect this automatically, such that by creating a new theorem it also asks for the right number of arguments?

P.S. Is this the right place to ask, or should I also ask this on tex-Stackexchange? What is the right place for such interdisciplinary questions, concerning multiple Stackexchanges?

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I also think the ability to parse a .tex document and cater for completion of newly defined macros and/or environments is one of AUCTeX's bigger advantages. But it also needs to write some lisp code in order to extend AUCTeX's parser. Things are even a little more complicated for the different libraries provided by the tcolorbox package.

I have added a style file to AUCTeX for the theorems library which will be available then with the next release of AUCTeX.

Reg. P.S.: I think there is no big difference between tex-sx or emacs-sx reg. AUCTeX questions, so you can probably take one of them. But for these kind of requests, you better drop a line to the developer list.

  • Wow! I did not expect this kind of reply! Thank you very much!
    – Sinthoras
    Aug 28 at 20:21

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