Mac OS 12.5
Emacs 28.1 from homebrew
Python 3.9.13 using a virtual env

For some reason my linting, with error highlighting is not working with Python using eglot.

In the screenshot below (hello_broken.cpp) you can see that linting is working in C++ mode which is using clangd.

The middle pane shows that linting is not working for Python (hello_broken.py). There should clearly be the same kind of error as in the Cpp file.

However, you can see that eglot is giving me the function intellisense for add.py as shown in the message buffer at the bottom. Also, the go to definition functionality of eglot is also working.

Why isn't the linting working? I don't really even know how to dig into this, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you

enter image description here

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Although I have pylint installed python-lsp-server was looking for pyflakes. At this moment, I don't know if I can configure the server to use pylint instead.

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