How to list all keybindings that have same prefix?

For example, M-g M-g is bound to goto-line.

How to list all the keybindings that have the prefix M-g?


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M-g C-h or M-g F1 should do it. In general, pressing the prefix and then pressing C-h or F1 should give you the keymap at that level - and it works with multi-level keymaps as well.

For a complete explanation, look in the SO answer that @phils posted in a comment.

See also @Drew's answer to a similar question.


describe-bindings takes an optional argument PREFIX:

The optional argument PREFIX, if non-nil, should be a key sequence; then we display only bindings that start with that prefix.

Thus evaluating

(describe-bindings (kbd  "M-g"))

does the job.


I also enjoy the help the which-key minor mode offers; it saves a couple of keystrokes to find out the 'rest' of the key binding mappings.


Besides just M-g C-h, which @NickD mentioned, you can use library Key See.

Turn on minor mode kc-mode to enable completion on demand whenever you hit S-TAB, for keys and menu-bar menus. So M-g S-TAB shows you what M-g C-h shows you: the keys you can use after M-g. But you can also invoke one of them, by choosing it. (C-g to cancel without invoking any command).

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