Is there a reasonable way to evaluate elisp within a bookmarks file in Emacs?

For example, I bookmark all of my typical remote file paths and am in the middle of trying to get a dynamic IP address set up on a local machine. I have the following lines in my file '~/.emacs.d/bookmarks':

 (filename . "/scp:[email protected]:/file/path/"))

But without setting a dynamic host, a network reset can change the path to something like "/scp:[email protected]". A handy solution for the time being would be to evaluate something like (setq my-remote-ip "10.112.X.X") at initialization and then have the following in the bookmarks file:

 (filename . (concat "/scp:tdstoff@" my-remote-ip ":/file/path/"))).

Is something like this reasonably possible? Currently I get a completion related error: Error in post-command-hook (vertico--exhibit): (wrong-type-argument stringp (concat my-remote-ip "/scp:[email protected]:/file/path/"))


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The answer is no. A bookmarks file is read as Elisp code (a list), but it's not evaluated.

What you can do is use a different bookmark type, e.g., one that you define, which has a handler that does what you want.

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