When running applications in dap-mode using M-x dap-debug, I can get my applications running via GDBServer Connect Configuration & GDB Run Configuration.

However when the application crashes I only see the message:

Debug session process exited with status: aborted (core dumped)

Without the debugger stopping and showing the stack-trace.

(setq dap-auto-configure-features '(sessions locals controls tooltip)) is set and all the sub-modes are loaded and enabled.

When I run the same program directly via gdb a crash or assert will stop and show a stack-trace.

How can dap-mode be made to stop instead of exiting?

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This error was caused by setting (setq dap-gdb-lldb-debug-program '("/path/to/my/binary")) instead of the debugger.

dap-gdb-lldb-debug-program and dap-gdb-debug-program both point to the debuggers.

The (dap-register-debug-template "Name" (list :program "/path/to/my/binary")) is used to reference the programs name.

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