I've noticed that my agenda views get squashed (line breaks) when my window/frame resizes, e.g. when I move the Emacs frame to a smaller monitor. Is there a way/hook to automatically reload my open agendas (I usually have a daily view and a custom agenda command open sticky) in the background when the frame resizes? I couldn't quite find the right thing in the help menu.

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You can detect a size change when you move the frame from one monitor to another by using window-size-change-functions (see its doc string with C-h v window-size-change-functions). Here's a simple example that prints a message out when that happens:

(defun wscf (obj)
  (message (format "%S: size change" obj)))

(add-to-list 'window-size-change-functions #'wscf)

We define a function and then add it to the list. When the size changes, the functions in the list (in this case just wscf) are called. This function produces a message that looks something like this:

#<frame [email protected]: *Messages* 0x19c11b0>: size change

Now all you have to do is modify the function to do what you want, for example:

(defun wscf (obj)
  (org-agenda-redo 'all))

Now when the size changes, the new function is called which redoes the agenda. The argument to org-agenda-redo causes it to rebuild all agenda views (it can be anything non-nil, so t would work just as well).

  • Works like a charm, thank you! For other users interested: It does make it a bit stutter-y when you drag-resize a window, but is perfect for my use case (maximising, tiling window manager etc.).
    – Chillja
    Commented Sep 1, 2022 at 19:40

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