I've seen a lot of references to:

  • Emacs 25
  • Emacs 24.5

I tend to think that the next emacs will be Emacs 25, because that's what the git version of emacs calls itself, but I keep hearing about 24.5, even recently from knowledgeable developers.

I've been looking for a source to resolve this, but I haven't found anything.

Which is it? (Would like a source with reliable references.)


The trunk of Emacs' git repository will be released as Emacs 25.1, whenever it is ready. But there is also a branch in git called emacs-24, which gets bug solutions. This might (or might not, who knows) end up in Emacs 24.5. Commits to emacs-24 are merged to trunk from time to time.

  • Interesting. That definitely explains better why some people still reference a 24.5.
    – PythonNut
    Jan 13 '15 at 22:04

According to Stefan Monnier it's going to be 25.1.


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