Usually when doing the normal undo it will undo all code changes since you went into insert-mode (for me it's evil-undo). I was wondering if it were possible to implement a function that will only undo the line your cursor is currently hovering over in elisp, if so pointers to the necessary information as a resource would be invaluable..

If not I was wondering why as the undo redo logs must be accessible?


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See C-hig (emacs)Undo:

When there is an active region, any use of undo performs selective undo: it undoes the most recent change within the region, instead of the entire buffer. However, when Transient Mark mode is off (see Disabling Transient Mark Mode), C-/ always operates on the entire buffer, ignoring the region. In this case, you can perform selective undo by supplying a prefix argument to the undo command: C-u C-/. To undo further changes in the same region, repeat the undo command (no prefix argument is needed).


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