I recently had to redo my development setup, I'm using Clojure and clojure-lsp as lsp server, and every time I open a project file I get the message `"x" file is not part of any project" and gives me the option to import the project root (i), import interactively (I), etc. I always choose the first, but right after that I get this pop up message:

pop up message displayed with completing-read

When choosing Retry it just keeps coming up and it only goes away when I choose "Ignore" but then the lsp server seems to never start. I get a message saying LSP :: clojure-lsp:23852 initialized successfully in folders: ... but I don't get any of the lsp-server/mode functionality.

Ocasionally I've seen this message appear: Error while reading file system events: Resource temporarily unavailable this seems to happen when I execute lsp-workspace-restart, although it's not consistent, sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn't.

This keeps happening every time I restart emacs and open a file from the same project, seems like the project is never imported by lsp?

Any ideas?

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After looking into this I realized I was selecting a project root that didn't have a valid deps.edn file and so cljojure-lsp was failing. So the solution is to be sure to select a project root with a valid deps.edn/project.clj/etc. This will depend on the type of project you're working on.

I still have to point out the fact that (in my case) Spacemacs did not show the function/command being executed that was resulting in an error, which is why it kept showing that Retry/Ignore dialog.

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