I am bit confused about different company completion modes. How can I make company always accept completion by instead of ?

Currently these three commands I use most:

  1. company-complete-selection
  2. company-complete-common
  3. company-template-forward-field

Is it possible to bind all of them to single key based on context? As it is in Sublime or VS code?

I tried adding to my init.el

(bind-key*  "<tab>" 'company-complete-selection)
(bind-key*  "<tab>" 'company-complete-common)

But it only takes the first binding.

Also can I ensure that comapny-mode completely ignores ?

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Quoting company-mode manual:

Company is bundled with an alternative workflow configuration company-tng — defining company-tng-frontend, company-tng-mode, and company-tng-map — that allows performing completion with just TAB. To enable this configuration, add the following line to the Emacs initialization file

(add-hook 'after-init-hook 'company-tng-mode)

To explore company-tng documentation in more detail, use the command that extracts Commentary section from its source file:

M-x finder-commentary RET company-tng RET

A related Company Discussion provides links for more information on the topic.

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