I installed emacs packages from MobaXterm. When I'm in MobaXterm terminal I could run any Cygwin commands e.g. 'ls' or 'which' but when I start Emacs and call the shell it does not recognize any of unix command.

sh-4.1$ ls
sh: ls: command not found
sh-4.1$ pwd
sh-4.1$ ls
sh: ls: command not found
sh-4.1$ which pwd
sh: which: command not found

Obviously I messed with settings but could someone help to resolve it?

  • Are you actually running a Cygwin build of Emacs?
    – phils
    Sep 9, 2022 at 2:38
  • If "MobaXterm" is not something inherently to do with Cygwin, are you starting Emacs from that terminal/shell?
    – phils
    Sep 9, 2022 at 2:40
  • sorry, my fault .. it's not emacsclient. I did not install Cygwin because I think that MobaXterm is using Cygwin itself. Note: in MobaXterm terminal it uses all Cygwin utilities and commands. My issue is that when I start Emacs ( I installed it as a package from MobaXterm) and open Emacs shell and want to run any unix-like command e.g. 'ls' it doesn't work. Hence my issue is only with Emacs and only related to unix-like commands from the shell
    – susja
    Sep 9, 2022 at 15:03
  • I've edited tags for you to remove emacsclient -- but that's something you could have done yourself. If you know you can improve the question, go ahead and edit it.
    – phils
    Sep 10, 2022 at 2:47
  • I still can't tell whether you're running emacs from inside the mobaxterm terminal/shell session, either. You didn't really answer that question. If not, does doing that make a difference?
    – phils
    Sep 10, 2022 at 2:49

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Folks Sorry not being clear how I started EMacs. I started it from inside of MobaXterm. I figured out that I installed different versions of Emacs packages into MobaXterm. A few of it has the issues with prompt while others don’t have it
Hence I was able to create a shortcut to “good” one and I am all set now Thanks for trying to help

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